Microsoft SharePoint

Want more control over workflow processes and to improve and enable true collaboration and quality across all business functions and key projects? Microsoft SharePoint is the answer and is one of the most cost effective tools to help manufacturing firms manage documents & information, collaborate and get work done faster. We will show you how to integrate SharePoint into your workflows and how to optimize capabilities such as creating team websites and workspaces, managing content & communication, as well as using templates to create blogs and wikis.



  • Get more work done (and get more control over workflow processes) by improving efficiency with centralized storage and easy access to documents and files (from a desktop or any computer or Microsoft Office application).
  • Create more customer focus with rich internal data, analysis, and communication that keeps everyone in tune with the customer's needs as well as problems that occur (e.g. in the supply chain) in real time.
  • Increase visibility to critical data and communications that affect safety, downtime, quality and other operational areas.
  • Manage compliance and legal aspects by ensuring easy retrieval of historical data and tasks.
  • Improve leadership through customized internal websites for private uses such as for executive or committee activities.

Installation options:

  1. On Premise License, Installation and Maintenance
  1. Cloud Installation and Monthly Subscription