Monitoring & Access Control

We can help you implement safety and protection systems. With our CCTV Security Camera Systems service you can


• Implement camera systems or closed circuit television system (CCTV) to keep an eye on your business and keep alerted to suspicious activity, deter potential thieves and reduce theft
• Ensure adherence to health and safety policies for your staff and increase the overall professionalism of your company
• Prevent assaults and false claims of misconduct

What it includes:

• Assessment of your security needs? 

• Recommendations for systems and equipment?

Time Attendance & Access Control Systems

Strategic Logic IT can help you use time and attendance systems to save costs and track productivity. With this service you can: <read more>

• Implement systems that help you track productivity by “following” employees and recording time spent on each mission or task
• Stay competitive and grow via an efficient and unique work ethic and culture
• Manage tactical risks such as reducing employee time and attendance fraud, preventing unauthorized access, verifying identities, and keeping offices safe

What it includes:

• Consultation and support to implement Access Control Systems
Recommendations for systems and equipment?