About Us

Our Company Story

 Who We Are

Logic Technology IT, created in 2009, is a Jeddah, Saudi Arabia based consultancy that prepares our clients − small, medium and large scale enterprises − to be prepared to respond to the needs of our customers through business process transformation.  From early planning to implementation of enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM) and file sharing tools, we are a Strategic Management Advisory that helps our clients through the entire transformation Lifecycle. 

We further assist our clients with IT project management, customer service and help desk needs.

As a 21st consultancy, our business practices and philosophies meet our customer mandates. We don’t lag in the past.  We know what it takes to make your projects successful. We:

  1. Diagnose. Solve. Educate. Lead. 
  2. Are Accountable for Results
  3. Create Value Added Repeatable Business Processes
  4. Bring Deep Expertise Including Collaboration and Crowdsourcing
  5. Help Drive Innovation and Change Through Technology Solutions
  6. Offer Value Based Pricing
  7. Have a Strong Customer/Consultant Team

What We Do

We are a 21st century consultancy with forward thinking initiatives.  We believe a company must be transformational in order to truly transform.

As a lean organization, we offer our clients reasonable market value for our services.

We are not a management or IT consultancy, we are a business transformation advisor and ERP/CRM/File sharing technology supplier. 

Our multi-disciplinary team is comprised of certified Project Management Professionals that focus on business management and implementation of ISO standards, not just a technology solution.

We have a number of services that allow us to step in and assist you.  They include:

  • Strategy Formulation
  • Business Restructuring
  • Business Reengineering
  • ERP Implementation
  • Maintenance
  • Help Desk

Our Mission

Respectable results begin with realistic information technology expectations.  Logic Technology IT is your catalyst to achieving project success throughout the entire Lifecycle.

What We Believe – Our Cole Values

We are a people first organization.  We place the highest regard on our relationships with our employees, our suppliers and out clients.

As a company, we have empathy.  We provide caring and individual attention to our valued employees, suppliers and customers.

To earn trust and confidence from our employees, suppliers and valued customers, we promise quality assurance knowledge.  We listen, research, create, share and disseminate knowledge to the entire team.

The importance of reliability cannot be compromised.  We satisfy promises to our employees, suppliers and customer in the manner and time that we mutually agreed.

To consistently deliver exceptional customer service, we are committed to excellence in service with prompt and respectful response to our valued clients.

Our pledge to deliver the highest quality of service is reflected in every aspect of our business -- our proficient, experienced and approachable employees, our brand representation and our physical facilities.


Our Management Team

Nasser Abushama, Founder and CEO

Nasser Abushama, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Logic Technology IT, has over fifty years of experience in information technology and strategic management.  He has specialisations in advance management & accounting services (budget planning, cash flow management, etc.), Microsoft Dynamics AX Enterprise Resource Planning (Finance) Project Management, Microsoft software license and training.  He created Strategic Logic IT  in 2009 to serve Jeddah, Saudi Arabia medium and large enterprises with high end professional consulting services.  A proven leader, Nasser and his team possess the business acumen to deliver a full range of services to customers.

Through trial and error, Nasser discovered services that would be highly valued by local clients who experience a high degree of frustration while attempting to create/recreate a customer focused business.  As a result, Nasser designed the following segments:

  • Strategy Formulation
  • Business Restructuring
  • Business Reengineering
  • ERP Implementation
  • Maintenance
  • Help Desk

Logic Technology IT is certified to sell and maintain Microsoft Dynamics AX Enterprise Resourcing Planning (cloud/on-premise) Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and SharePoint.

Nasser’s success is a direct result of working in the business.  Some of career highlights include:

  • ERP planning and implementation in foodstuff wholesaler
  • ERP planning and implementation is main beverage manufacturers
  • Planning, project management of business process re-structuring for large cement manufacturer

He also served as an ERP Project Manager at Ali Abdullah Alesayi Industry & Trading Group, one of the largest conglomerates in the Kingdom, Supply Chain Manager at Alesayi Tire, Executive Secretary to GM at Alesayi Beverage, and Manager at Tehama Stationery and Bookshop.  He has diversified career in rich in project management and supply chain management with a focus on finance.

Nasser holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting in 1998.  He also holds an education certification, a certification in financial management at Institute of Management Accounts (IMA) and certified Project Manager from the Project Management Institute.

Khaled Zaid Ahmed Mohammed – Deputy and Project Manager

Khaled, Deputy and Product Manager of Logic Technology IT, has an accomplished career as an IT professional.  He has proven expertise in help desk, many Microsoft technologies, programming and reporting databases.  His diverse background is vital to Strategic Logic IT because he in connected the needs of customers.  He has worked with Strategic Logic IT since 2010 – working as a Project Manager on many key accounts. 

He received his computer programming degree from the Science and Technology University in 2003.


Join Our Team

We seek consultants in various stages of their career because everyone contributes to our growth in a positive way. 

Please submit your current CV and a cover letter to us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..