Business Reengineering

Known widely as Business Process Re-engineering, this practice is the re-design of core business processes. We begin with an assessment.
We step back and objectively learn your company processes and evaluate people in place. Although we understand the technologies, costs, efficiencies, inefficiencies, bottlenecks associated with departments and functions, every company is unique.
We evaluate contact centre processes and technologies, sales, market, responsiveness to customer, including email, chat, telephone, web, social media, social CRM, compliant sites, etc. We may even deploy big data analytics to help with this assessment.
We gain an understanding of training, coaching, management practices, quality control, the effectiveness of the brand, etc.
Everything contributes to our final evaluation that objectives, identifies operational processes which all relate to the customer experience.
We submit recommendations that
  • Allow your company to refocus their core processes, values and technologies based on customer needs and experience
  • Evaluate organizational and people issues – how to work in a collaborative environment, eliminate any areas that cannot be brought to current standards
  • Improve operational processes across the entire organization
  • Recommend the business compliance to applicable ISO 9001 – the global benchmark for quality management
For example, we can discover that the organization is not responding to every customer touch point. They may answer calls, but not emails. They may respond to social media, but never look at web forums. We may determine that the sales funnel is not carefully tracked and there are oversights in entering customer data. We will identify and offer a resolution.
  • We will offer technical applications: CRM, ERP, contact centre equipment, big data, workforce management, quality assurance and sales tracking. We also make training and coaching suggestions as well as improved employee morale.
Benefits include:
  • Increase business efficiency
  • Cost reduction
  • Improve employee morale
  • Business turnaround and growth
  • ISO 9001, the quality management standard, implementation that results in:
    • Cost reduction
    • Access to global markets
    • Clear, concise and repeatable business processes
    • Company culture and image transformation
    • Improved customer response and satisfaction
    • Employee satisfaction