Business Restructuring

At Logic Tech. IT, we work with companies undergoing restructuring because they are in financial decline, losing customers or losing touch with their vision and mission.
Our approach is four pronged: Diagnose. Solve. Educate. Lead.
At Logic Tech. IT our certified Project Management Professional (PMP):
  • Evaluate the perception through an objective discovery process with board members, key stakeholders and random employees
  • Assemble the facts through strategy formulation that include mission, objectives, competitive strategy, define the customer benefits, etc.
  • Provide an objective diagnosis that includes a SWOT analysis
  • Evaluate the business for amenableness to ISO 9001 – the global benchmark for quality management
  • Lead the effort as an objective and independent Chief Reorganization Officer (CRO) to remedy with a solid strategic plan and weekly updates
  • Strategic Logic IT will co-lead the face-to-face meetings. To ensure the success of the effort, we will include the addition of:
    • Standard strategic formulation model
    • Best practices
    • ISO 9001
    • Crowdsourcing resources
Benefits include:
  • Reduce overall cost of static workforce
  • Opens channels where management can make more effective decisions
  • Technology improves operational efficiency
  • ISO 9001, the quality management standard, implementation that results in:
    • Cost reduction
    • Access to global markets
    • Clear, concise and repeatable business processes
    • Company culture and image transformation
    • Improved customer response and satisfaction
    • Employee satisfaction