ERP Implementation

Well-intended recommendations of the past are now haunting companies of today. Business re-engineering often offered the most effective means of fixing problems within departments. Currently, finance, sales, manufacturing, procurement, human resources, payroll and inventory management all have unique software that does not communicate with one another. Further, these systems divided departments into tighter silos.
All of these systems are functional – but we have now entered the age of the customer. Everything is about the customer experience. There is no one place that a customer facing employee/contractor can go to answer questions.
In today’s world, disparate systems – software, hardware and databases – must be merged into one single system. It is a massive project – prone to fail without proper planning upfront, management through implementation and training upon execution.
The primary goal is to allow people in different departments see the same information and update it as appropriate. This leads to an excellent customer experience.
With ERP implementation you may want to completely integrate financial information – meaning sales, finance and other departments have their own versions of the bottom line. ERP fixes this problem because everyone now uses the same system.
You may also want to integrate customer order information – which takes disparate ordering, manufacturing, inventory and shipping software and combines into one.

You may also want to standardize manufacturing processes, or standardize human resources. Whatever your need, we are here to assist you through these detailed processes.
Our four pronged Diagnose. Solve. Educate. Lead. The approach includes:

  • Create clear and concise strategic goals
  • Focus on fundamental solutions – finance, human resources, payroll, procurement and supply chain
  • Obtain management commitment
  • Develop a master project plan for implementation and maintenance
  • Lead steering meetings to talk about status
  • Generate delivery models – on-premise, hosted/managed or cloud ERP solutions
  • Assess the marketplace for ERP suppliers
  • Engage change management
  • Craft training
  • Measure results
  • Maintain with software updates and patches
Benefits include:
  • Improve customer experience
  • Integrate technology
  • Access to company-wide data
  • Better internal communications and reports
  • High level of security