Is it a Customer right to make Mistakes???

In final Medical practical exam the medical student should do full checking of the first patient coming into the door… what happen is that one of the student luck come to be a patient that talking very very strange local accent. The student could not understand what was the problem with the patient… So he could not do the checking…. His supervisor gave him Fail…

At first, I was supporting the student, because patient was not understandable… but is this the right approach to the case???

The narrator of the story told me No, The student deserve to fail!!!… Why? Imagine yourself in a forging country that could not understand your language and you needed urgent medical help, or you were unconscious… do Doctors have to give you the medical help you need, or just they will say 

“we could not understand him”.

This was the case, the customer has the wright to make mistakes, miss-explain, or even misunderstand.. It is our duty to understand the true need or problem and not only give solutions customer really need, WE SHOULD BE INNOVATORS…