Process Reengineering

Departmental alignment is key to business transformation. This service aims to present department activities using a map and flowchart format to help employees understand their jobs in  the context of company strategy 

  • Translate your company’s strategy throughout the business so that your products are manufactured as promised and delivered on time.
  • Give necessary details to each department to ensure strategies are implemented within processes.
  • Structure a department’s actions by key performance indicators and role.
  • Give assurance to company leaders by injecting strategic values into production through all steps.
  • Help team members understand their objectives and exactly what to do and how, while also ensuring a more accurate and fair employee appraisal process.
  • Track, evaluate and improve all company activities.
  • Reduce cost (due to the elimination of non-value added activities.

What it includes:

  • Activities Process Mapping
  • Positions Chart & Objectives
  • Position Description
  • Position Activity Matrix (KRA/KPA/KPI)